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Our secret kisses in the moonlight,
The feeling of happiness just by being st your side,
The long walks thru town st night,
The promises to always strive and solve any fights.

These happy times haunt my heart,
The memories of our promise to never part,
I wish they flourished instead of becoming what they are.

The tears we shed when you had to leave,
The promise to be mine, and return for me,
the smile i had for only you to see,
The happy future i still hope and wish could be.

Is there some part of you that holds to these memories,
A small part that cried when i would beg "please"
A part that regrets all those broken promises,
those lies,
Something screaming "don't say goods bye!"
A part of your heart that longs to be mine,
Are you breaking like me deep down inside?
(c) me
Amanda-Graham Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012  Professional Writer

Just a small question ... "Something screaming "don't say goods bye!"

not sure is the "goods bye" a specific intent? or a grammatical error? "good byes" ?

Love the work

kaiteaidea Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2012
I typed this on, my phone at 5 am, it was a typo from my phone :( I have to read thru this again n fix them all :(
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